Miyerkules, Marso 2, 2011


After watching Julie &Julia i decided to start this "blog" not that i want to be a writer like Julie,
but just to burst out my feelings, insights and whatever you may call it.
I guess bloggers can relate to these reasons.

The movie somehow influenced me to blog where in a scene Julie(Amy Adams) had a fight with her husband.
He told her wife before he left the house not to blog everything about them, their life in particular and most specifically that fight they just had.
But still in her blogs shows her weakness which is her husband.
Her followers/readers could feel there was something wrong.

So as the story tells me:

It may be boring at first but in the end you'll find out that simple things can make you happy.
No matter how hard life can be and your about to just cry in a corner covering your face with something may it be a pillow or hanky to wipe off those tears, just let it go . It will pass. Time could heal it and when you wake up a whole new world awaits you to show 'em what you got.

 This is not my first time honestly. I tried to write back then but i fail to practice more because i have other interests that made me so busy...